Means, materials and know-how

The Excellence Garden company works in collaboration with the family company Nature et Habitat Varois to answer all your exterior works. Thanks to its quality equipment and a team of professionals, the company can respond to the most complex demands.

The company carries out landscaping works of all kinds. Its material park makes it possible to answer to building sites of all types. Excavation difficult access, thanks to micro earth-moving machines, mini-loader, micro-excavator able to access in areas difficult to access and with little space.

Our teams carry out the work with a suitable material, quality and always safe.

Thanks to our team and our know-how, the company is equipped with equipment enabling it to carry out a wide range of works such as:


Excavation of your lands, rip-rap, non-collective sanitation, …

Landscape Masonry:

Paving, access road, honeycomb gravel, stone wall, …

Watering and fountain:

Automatic watering of your green areas, pond, fountain, …

Planting and maintenance:

Planting trees, Difficult pruning to the nacelle …

Our equipment park consists mainly of 1.2 tons mini excavator; 2.5 and 3.5 tons, crawler loader, bob cat, caterpillar mixer, tillers, soil tractor, tractor, nacelle, topographic computing equipment for the most complex projects.